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Viewfindr is an online platform that set out to showcase the world’s hidden gems through the eyes (and lenses) of its users. Leading with its simple premise ‘Find it. Shoot it. Map it.’, Viewfindr aims to encourage users to go off the beaten track and locate the ‘must sees’ to inspire others.

In 2012, Viewfindr sought out our expertise to work on the brand identity and front-end design for this exciting new platform.



It was clear that a great deal of focus needed to be placed on the photography that made up the online social platform. User-generated content would be at the heart of Viewfindr and experienced from an individual’s perspective, meaning the brand needed to appeal to a wide variety of people.

The identity needed to allow for the user’s uploads to be shown in the best possible light, without distracting from the overarching brand presence.



It was important that the photography was effectively placed at the ‘centre of the frame’ with our designs. We created a platform designed to allowed the photos to shine through, but with a core identity to enable Viewfindr to stand out in contrast to similar networks.

Stylistically, we carried through clean, sharp and intuitive elements to the brand. An example of this is the Viewfindr logo, which could also be used in content marketing and social media initiatives, whereby the logo could be placed on top of an image to ‘frame’ a user’s photograph.

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