United Nations – OCHA Report

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United Nations – OCHA Report

OCHA, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is part of the United Nations Secretariat, responsible for strengthening and informing the UN’s response to complex world emergencies and natural disasters.

We were honoured when OCHA approached us to commission the design guidelines for their flagship report.



We were tasked with creating style guides and informing the creative direction with the OCHA report. Each element needed to be incredibly intuitive so it could easily be carried through by their in-house team.

There was a great deal of responsibility to ensure that the colour palettes explored and typography used was impactful, yet didn’t instil opinion or bias. The report’s purpose was to be data-driven and provide an opportunity for the information to be presented in a clear format.



Working with the existing OCHA brand guidelines, we began by utilising their blue palette, but gave it more flexibility in its use. This resulted in an accent colour that would also allow OCHA to draw out certain points to help them stand out.

The iconography maintained a sleek and unified look and feel to give clear direction within the report. All of the assets provided to the team enabled them to present a consistent message that was informative and engaging.

Finally, when selecting supporting imagery, we sought appropriate images that wouldn’t distract from the important information given, but could humanise the report and findings.

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