A fresh take on an old classic.

The makers of Trio approached us with an exciting idea for a new card game. The structure and rules were based on a Finnish card game called ‘Paskahousu’ which, rather crudely translates to ‘shit pants’. Although a very enjoyable game, it has never been commercialised into a family-friendly game, perhaps in part due to it’s rather family-unfriendly title.

We were tasked with devising a brand and visual identity for the game, and then to design the cards, rules and packaging.


Trio needed to appeal to both adults and children and needed a supporting brand to allow it to stand out among other card games on the shelves. The pack needed to strike the right amount of intrigue while ensuring the family-friendly theme remained at the forefront.

The entire Trio ‘package’ needed to be attractive, but at the same time, it was important for us to instil the intuitive nature of the rules and the card designs themselves, ensuring the game is enjoyable, yet simple to follow.

The cards and packaging needed to maintain a clean and modern look and feel to captivate its target consumer.


We introduced a series of fun and playful characters to Trio’s pack of cards, which would be loved by children and would charm adult players. A modern style of illustrations inspired the characters, each designed with a specific card in mind, to represent each action during play.

To allow the game to stand out and appeal to both adults and children, we injected a bright and bold colour palette, which involved moving away from the typical primary colours often found in similar card games.

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