Pop Audio

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Pop Audio

Although the unassuming pop shield is an essential fixture in the recording studio, music producers Jonathan Hucks and John Metcalfe recognised that this simple piece of equipment had many flaws and nobody had sought to rectify them. It was out of these frustrations that “Pop Audio” was born.

Pop Audio needed a brand identity that represented the wealth of knowledge and experience that went into designing their product range in addition to the quality of the final result. Working closely alongside the Pop Audio team, we developed a visual language that instilled trust in core audiences and communicated the product’s distinguishing features simply and effectively.



Knowing the pop shield wouldn’t be the sole product brought to market by Pop Audio, a delicate balance was required in the overarching brand. We needed to ensure the pop shield could excel in its own right, while at the same time maintaining a dynamic approach to the brand to allow for scope as their product range widened.

“The energy, quality and passion that Big Fan brought to the creation and development of our brand was outstanding and is reflected in the results. The team are very open, happy to listen to our input and suggestions, but also able to guide us and give us their opinions. Big Fan are a team of not only very talented people, but they are also hugely friendly, warm and passionate.”

Jonathan Hucks - Director & Co-Founder



The smart and forward-thinking elements within the identity of the brand showed Pop Audio breaking new ground, allowing them to stand out as a market leader, in what is already a crowded arena. Creating a graphical language for the brand allowed it to demonstrate the product succinctly and relevant images helped connect their discerning audience.


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