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Jubb are a multi-disciplinary team of engineering and planning design consultants with offices across the south west of England and Wales.

As the company approached their 50th year in business, it was identified that their brand positioning and identity no longer aligned with their ambition. Big Fan were tasked to help the Jubb team define their vision, create a new visual identity and express the resulting brand across a range of touch points.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Brand Strategy & Identity

We facilitated a strategic process built around defining a solid positioning that not only informed the visual identity, but enabled the 70-strong Jubb team to align their vision.

The resulting identity is built upon a system of ‘precision engineered’ graphical marks that come together to form the company name.

An intelligent yet grounded identity that builds trust and instills confidence.

Digital Design

Digital Design

Following completion of the brand, Jubb tasked us to design and develop their website from scratch.

The project provided us an opportunity to further explore and expand their brand assets, inspired by the core identity. This resulted in us directing and commissioning a set of five isometric illustrations that represented each of the company’s core services.

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