BBC Dish Up

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BBC Dish Up

The BBC approached us in late 2014 with an exciting 18-month long campaign they were working on called ‘Dish Up’. The campaign is intended to entice us back into the kitchen with a fresh collection of recipes, mixed with some top tips on healthy eating, budget-saving ideas and fun ways to get clever in the kitchen involving the whole family.

We were asked to realise the campaign’s concept and create an identity that would be striking yet approachable.



Before the creative process began, it was important for us to give the target audiences some food for thought. Dish Up needed to appeal to families who were looking for quick, healthy mid-week meals, students fresh out of home and looking to learn, as well as new and exciting ideas to whet the appetite of keen cooks and avid bakers.

Working strictly within the BBC’s brand guidelines, the overarching colour palette was able to speak to their core audiences, while standing out from other campaigns. Purposefully not conforming to one style within the logotype, this was made up by using a variety of letterforms, to best represent the individual’s own spin that we all bring to the table.



Custom-designed illustrations were created to help categorise Dish Up’s six key motivations and served as useful pointers for the user in navigating content.

The BBC were given the tools and assets required to grow an exciting and engaging campaign, that while predominantly would be used online, could also be stretched over a variety of channels.

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